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Corporate Social Responsibility

"Duty to make love on" slogan is bearing the infinite love we to society, it is like spring drizzle, moistens everything silently.

Focus on people's livelihood, return society, is our unremitting pursue. Actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, and to promote the building of a harmonious society, it is our holy mission! For many years, we always adhere to the enterprise economic responsibility, the political responsibility, the social responsibility of the organic unity, is accelerating development and at the same time, earnestly implementing enterprise society responsibility, actively promote the enterprise and the development of harmonious society.

In the global financial crisis in late February, operating environment debunked challenge circumstance, still continue to actively support, participation in public welfare undertakings construction, pay close attention to the interests of the whole society, on the harmonious community construction, disaster relief, poverty relief, Tibet has threatened, love and care of health, to donate, and promote national fitness make positive contribution. The company to the Red Cross, poverty relief, foundation to give aid to support. The company for many years "charity selfless dedication" honor certificate and the Red Cross humanitarian aid love care "honor certificate and" love is long friendship priceless "trophies etc.

In addition to internal poverty employees, the company also actively give employee assistance, and do all it can to help employees immediate needs.

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