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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (Corporate social responsibility, hereinafter referred to as the CSR) is to show the enterprise is in creating profits for shareholders, shall bear legal responsibility at the same time, also undertake to employees, consumers, community and environmental responsibility. The social responsibility of the enterprise requests the enterprise must go beyond profit as the only goal of the traditional philosophy, stressed the need to in the process of production of the value of a man's attention, emphasize on consumers, to the environment, to contribute to the society.

Corporate dual responsibility

First, the enterprise should undertake and fulfill the good economic responsibility, for great people's material life rich, for the rapid economic development of stable play their due role. The most direct to say is profit, as far as possible expand sales, cost reduction, correct decision-making, guarantee stakeholder's legitimate rights and interests.

Second, the enterprise in the law makes the model in, abide by all the laws, regulations, including environmental protection law, consumers' rights law and labor protection law. Complete all contract obligation and take the lead in the good faith management, the legitimate business, promised to accept the warranty. Drive enterprise employees, enterprise community, common law, build the government by law society.

Third, the ethical responsibility is the expectations of society on the company, the enterprise should try hard to make the society from their own operating activities, products and services of negative influences. Accelerate industrial upgrade technology and the optimization of the industrial structure, develop green enterprise, increase the ability of the enterprise absorbing employment, for environmental protection and social stability due diligence.

Finally, is the enterprise charity responsibility. At this stage of the construction of harmonious society is an important task is to develop social programs, education, health, social security, the cause of the development of the people of the direct relationship between the most direct interests, but also directly determine the social stability or not, harmonious or not. Many places in the development of social programs on investment shortage or unable to investment, it will need to mobilize all can mobilize capital, the enterprise should give full play to the advantage of capital, for the development of social undertakings, to become a good corporate citizen and foreign donations. Support community education, support health, humanities, culture and art, urban construction, the development of the project, to help communities to improve public environment, voluntary work for the community.

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