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Human cultivation

Have an entrepreneur said, "you can move out my machine and burned my facility, but you want to leave my staff, I can

To have a second chance. "employees is the enterprise production is the first Labour, is the enterprise the most valuable wealth. How to respect and explore the active employees

Sex and responsible? Training is the enterprise in human resources management is a very important link, enterprise want to modern society of fierce competition

Land, must pay much attention to the training of the staff. Through the training can discover the potential employees, improve the staff's professional skills, through training the smriti enterprise

Change, the enhancement enterprise cohesive force.

A: employee training is an effective way to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

2: employee training can instill enterprise culture, the enhancement enterprise cohesive force.

3: employee training is encourage employees to the enthusiasm of important measures

4: employee training plan must have the innovation.

Training is the enterprise to employees of the best welfare, so in 2012, the company and guanghua school age the power-and-power union, combined with years of implementing the guanghua school age

Check, establish deals with international his e-learning platform. To further strengthen the company's internal term atmosphere, supervise staff fully appropriate use of time to go

Study, improve skills. Make staff in the platform and applied to obtain the knowledge in the practical work. In addition also launched a corresponding learning methods, plan

And incentive measures.

Yuan excessive network institute already in March 2012 official online

Yuan excessive network institute network address:

Believe that through this platform, employees can have unexpected harvest, and is in in the future work more handy. In the employees to come in

In step, yuan also will be more and more good overflow, and achieved the employee in the company of a win-win situation.

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