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Yuan Yi International Co., Ltd. in 1985, was established in Taiwan, specialized in producing all kinds of textile machinery and precision parts, accessories, in addition to own R & D team and ITRI, Taiwan, Formosa Plastics Center (of PIDC) and the Taiwan Textile Research center (TTRIa number of joint......

Corporate Vision:

"Internationalization, Diversification, Divisionalization, Profit centralization, Internal entrepreneurship. "

Operation principle:

"Customers’ satisfaction, staff’s proud and shareholders’ pride"

Enterprise Culture: 

" Integrity"Seek truth from facts, Deliver on Commitments, Do not violate the law and social ethics.

" Responsibility": Always brings a positive attitude to work, and mission is bound to be accomplished.

" Honor":  Affirm our self-worth, we are proud of Yuanyi, and Yuanyi is also proud of us.


Established in Taipei, creating the beginning only 2 employees in December 1985, and the corporate culture of integrity, responsibility, honor, and laid the cornerstone of the development of the Group $ overflow.

June 1987 Positioning Professional Development of plastics, rubber, and metal parts production and sales areas, gradually gaining customer recognition.

Yuan Yi Spinning

Yuan Yi Factory


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