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Human resources and Company Philosophy

recruitment process: recruitment information:
  • Place of work: Shanghai
  • Number: 1
  • Work Experience: More than one year
  • Education:  
Job Description:
1, College degree or above, Chinese language and literature, secretarial, administrative and other related majors;
2, Applicants with financial accounting experience have priority ;
3, Applicants should have strong language skills, writing ability and communication skills;
4, Applicants should have strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork spirit.
Job Descriptions
Management, maintenance, general ledger, monthly billing to complete, timely and accurate preparation of financial statements,
financial analysis;
Responsible for tax returns and other tax-related matters;
Audit of accounts receivable under the contract and daily payment, invoice to the customer;
Review and processing of the expenses, settlement arrangements and accounting work;

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