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The human resources and philosophy

Guiding ideology and basic ideas

1. It is with the person this:

(1) should not only make the achievements of the individual talent, and should cultivate talent team, play the hr team scale effect;

(2) not only to play to the human resources physical labor intensive functions, and more should play talent intelligence intensive functions;

(3) should not only play talents oneself function, but also to make full use of its joint of the social network function;

(4) should not only use inside the brain, and to use outside brain;

2. The company by absorbing mature talented person, growth talent, the effective use of social talents broaden channels.

3. The company opened up three talent channels:

(1) based on regional, give full play to the role of main channel of local talent;

(2) face the nation, absorb high-level talents;

(3) the attention and the international community, looking for foreign students or foreign managers, experts support;

4. On three levels of human resources development

(1) the company top form professional managers management team;

(2) the company internal employee training implementation;

(3) the company external positive influence customers, type of work;

5. Employing principle

(1) understanding people: understand people, understanding, respect, not only to the man by his watch, the more understanding people potential;

(2) man: the creation loose environment, make the person in a relaxed mood, not perfection blame, allow improve self-discipline;

(3) the employing: for each employee to provide the stage to flourish, create learning, development and promotion;

(4) person: trust each other, the people good, tolerant, considerate person, do not make internal friction, dedication and work in peace and contentment, be loyal to their duties, home for the company, and the company 巩 honor or disgrace;

6. Continuous development of human resources, talents as inexhaustible, an inexhaustible, have double amplification effect of the capital;

7. Men, everyone is talent

8. Fair competition

(1), not equality of opportunity, appoint people by abilities,;

(2) no sex, domicile of origin, physical characteristics of prejudice;

(3) no alumni factions, partisan background;

(4) no leadership personal employing preferences.

9. Personnel individual career growth plan and the company's human resources development goals are paired, the staff with company's growth.

10. Keep the company must have the liquidity of employees.

(1) too stable, cause a pool, without the pressure of competition;

(2) flow too frequent, cause instability, technical team did not accumulate, but lost.

11. Implementation diversity and richness work

Staff job immobilized and a single break the pattern expertise, and timely change jobs and site, or to establish a working group system, make the worker do more than one only

Can all-around development or, keep staff working enthusiasm, the freshness and challenging.

12. Set up an employee normal promotion mechanism, so that ordinary staff has the dedication and promoted the rights and opportunities.

13. Develop institutional rationalization proposal activities, and find, mining talents.

14. To break through conventional mechanism can stand out at the top of the talent, to entrusts with an important task.

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